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Steve Taranovich

The right way to design today’s base station RF transceiver ICs

Steve Taranovich
6/29/2018 3:37:54 AM
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There is always a start to everything that we perform and when it comes to a business, a proper plan needs to be put in place to kickstart just that start. If the eventual goal has been set but nothing has been done to put a start to the whole development, then the idea simply cannot be executed. It is a whole chain of events that need to be carefully coordinated. One wrong step could mean the entire plan could be sabotaged.

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Most of us probably have never used the hyperbolic tangent function tanh(x) or the sin(arctan(x)) reference function since our university days. But these functions enable a kinematic controller. Kinematics determines the position and orientation movement of an end-effector on a robotic arm as a function of the joint coordinates.
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