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Steve Taranovich

High-Side Current Sensing

Steve Taranovich
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3/16/2018 6:24:58 PM
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Author reply to a reader question
A reader, James Swonger, had commented offsite with this message:

"Did not enjoy the "cutesy" presentation, and I think the article misperceives the purpose of gate resistors--they are for drain slew rate control, not "stability"

The author, Aaron Schultz, replied:

Some people have voiced love of the cuteness, some have lambasted it. 

The internet is the great equalizer.


After the fact becomes clear than other factors should have been thrown in to indicate more positively how to employ those resistors, for example:


- Drain slew control (per Mr. Swonger)

- Dampening of high frequency resonance


The article's discussion of gate resistors stems not so much from how resistors stabilize things (obviously they don't as such), but from the perspective of an engineer who is learning.  It is easy to know when you know.  Then any sort of fumble seems like a rookie mistake.  That is exactly the point.  The young engineer manages to discover, in fact, that the resistor can DEstabilize the circuit.  He is then the wiser for a sort of practice-gone-bad.

3/15/2018 10:18:05 AM
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Nice article about High-Side Current Sensing
Thanks for sharing this valuable content.

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