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Aubrey Kagan

Digital Isolation solutions

Aubrey Kagan
11/12/2018 3:45:18 PM
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Silicon Labs- an apology from me.
 "Silicon Labs has a wide offering although I find the selection table a little difficult to follow"

I originally wrote this blog around 15 months ago.I don't know if Silicon Labs has improved their product matrix since then or more likely, I was having a bad day. Either way this statement no longer holds true. In fact not only are all the details presented in the table, there is filter button marked "Display" on the upper right hand side which will allow you to zoom in on the features that are important.


My apologies.

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I am pleased to have Aubrey Kagan back as a blogger for us on Planet Analog after a brief sabbatical. Aubrey brings a wealth of diverse design knowledge, Excel tips with a technical, educational, reminiscent, and light, witty style.
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