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Aubrey Kagan

The Beauty of Re-Configurability

Aubrey Kagan
1/11/2019 4:22:49 PM
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Not Analog, but very appropriate to designers
Hi Aubrey---Excellent blog. Although this is not really Analog, the situation is familiar to most of us as circuit designers---especially that Dilbert cartoon---many of us have experienced that event!

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As we deal with the vagaries of life and work, occasionally we come up with an idea to improve the process. If the idea is big enough or the inventor has entrepreneurial leanings there may be an attempt to commercialise the product/process. Sometimes pie-in-the-sky ideas seem too small and are left in a corner of the mind, only to reappear as someone elseís brilliant idea.

Digital isolation can solve ground loop issues, cater for level shifting, separate dangerous voltages and provide surge isolation. There is a myriad of ways of achieving digital isolation depending on your application and budget. The technology used can be optical, magnetic or capacitive coupling and sometimes a combination.
I am pleased to have Aubrey Kagan back as a blogger for us on Planet Analog after a brief sabbatical. Aubrey brings a wealth of diverse design knowledge, Excel tips with a technical, educational, reminiscent, and light, witty style.
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