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Edgardo Menendez

EMI Noise, Part 6: Novel Components for Suppressing EMI

Edgardo Menendez
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Components utilized in harsh environment applications are typically subjected to excess mechanical stress, extremely hot or cold temperatures, the increased potential for electrostatic discharge, and/or high levels of radiation.
So far, we have discussed board level EMI suppression solutions, which are necessary to meet EMC standards. However, they may not be sufficient for applications in which the enclosed system is either not immune to, or even emits, EMI. Applications like these — including medical, space, aerospace, and other mission critical systems — require box level EMI filtering
EMI filtering and transient voltage suppression are two key elements of automotive electronic design. Critical systems in road vehicles must function reliably at all times to ensure driver, passenger, and pedestrian safety.
There is always a source, a path, and a victim when it comes to electromagnetic interference (EMI) and other types of electrical noise. This post focuses on the victim and what you can do to avoid becoming one.
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