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Busy Blogger

The stabilization of a big tower building: The electronics applied to the simulation of atmospheric factors

Busy Blogger
4/7/2016 2:11:55 AM
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Re: Interesting scenario
I totally agree with you Victor, the new IOT scenario is really sensitive to security items, the protection of the data transmitted trough the central communication infrastructure is really important.

Victor Lorenzo
Victor Lorenzo
4/5/2016 4:28:14 PM
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Interesting scenario
I find it interesting, but something more came to my mind.

Were are now contemplating (and also being part of it, up to some extent) such a frenetic race for making things so "smart" and so "connected" that network security hacking enthusiasts can start to feel it like living in the middle of a them park, plenty of toys to play with.

IoT security threads could eventually spread at a higher pace than viruses.

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