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The Signal Sped Up

Stability Issues for High Speed Amplifiers: Introductory Background and Improved Analysis, Insight #5

Michael Steffes
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4/23/2019 2:09:50 AM
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The long route
Great insights which are worth all the effort for a proper system, everytime! Some setup engineers refuse to go the long way because they just seem too lengthy a process and might even incur additional costs. This is really worrying regardless of the nature of the event that the system is being used at.

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The most recent VFA FDAs focus on lower power, precision, solutions more aimed at Successive Approximation Register (SAR) and delta sigma ADC support. Those will be focus in this FDA stability discussion - but the concepts are backward compatible to the earliest VFA FDAs.
Here, an updated Loop Gain (LG) simulation approach will be first detailed and then used to show paths into, and out of, low Phase Margin (PM) conditions for a current feedback amplifier.
Emerging issues and paths to improve the Phase Margin (PM) for VFA stages that have slipped into perhaps an unsuitably low margin condition
The more recent Fully Differential Amplifiers (FDA) offer both CFA and VFA versionsThe CFA based versions will also have poor DC accuracy while more recent “precision” VFA based FDAs can provide much improved DC accuracy. Those VFA-based FDAs do come with some added DC error sources beyond the typical op amp terms that will be described here
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