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The Filter Wizard Remastered

An E96 formula: How Can You Resist It?

Kendall Castor-Perry
3/17/2019 9:54:20 AM
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Precision C0G caps are much lower price now
I am going to try and paste in a word document with a snip showing some recent prices - snip might not come across, No it didn't, darn - oh well I found some <$0.01 in 100s even in 1% C0G, 0201, E24 steps, 25V MLCC caps from Murata. Full part number for the 100pF 1% tolerance was GRM0335C1E1010FA01D. 

Hey Kendall,


Nice to have that E96 equations, but I think some of your comments apply more to some years back. Oddly, on another discussion doing MFB filters I went back and checked again for e24 values in finer tolerance than 5%. Wow, they have really come down. I found 2% and 1% both under $0.01 in 100s at Mouser (Murata, GRM series)



I don't see why we should not use 1% C0G caps now – but since the E24 are in such large steps, what I do it kind of iterate to some standard C values first (in the LP MFB), then solve exactly for the 3 R's then go on from there for E96 selections for best fit. 

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