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The Filter Wizard Remastered

Who, what and why?

Kendall Castor-Perry
2/25/2019 4:18:52 PM
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Re: Welcome back Kendall
Thanks Steve - great to be back on the planet's #1 Analog forum!  Looking forward to re-releasing almost 40 Filter Wizard pieces on one handy forum.  Whether you read them ten years back or are new to the material, I hope you all enjoy it.  And with luck we'll find a way of getting your questions and comments back to me.

2/25/2019 3:50:46 PM
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Welcome back Kendall
I am thrilled to have my friend and long-time colleague, Kendall, back with my Planet Analog family. I know you will all enjoy his witty, technical and educational repertoire of Filter knowledge and wizardry in the coming weeks.

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