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Buenos Notches! The Filter Wizard versus the vuvuzela

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Figure 2
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Lowpass comb filter frequency response.

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Lowpass comb filter frequency response.

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Want to filter a bias, reference or even supply voltage effectively, but using only circuitry that runs off a much lower voltage rail? Might sound impossible, but it’s not. The Filter Wizard shows how it’s done.

There’s no DC return path to ground (or to either supply) for the current at the inputs of U2, U4 and U6 that connect to the resistor network that stretches along the top of the filter.
Well, it turns out that we can perform impedance scaling on actual components; let’s look at how we deploy key properties of the humble op-amp to do this.
Designing a filter using a spreadsheet. No sophisticated charts, no pole zero relationships, determination of a response type, none of those overly complex equations I learned in school.
We set out to eliminate the inductors in our LC lowpass filter – and ended up doubling the number of them! We’ll see shortly just how these can be made to disappear in one mathematical stroke
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