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Analog Angle

The STEM shortage: real or not?

Bill Schweber
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9/29/2016 10:47:54 AM
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Count Me On the No STEM Shortage Side
I think the bottom line on the STEM shortage is that if there was one, why would companies be hiring H1B visa holders and getting rid of American engineers?  If they were really busy and needed engineers, wouldn't they keep who they have and hire more help, perhaps in the form of H1B holders?  Having a wider candidate pool to choose from is always in the employers' best interest, and getting the country to pump out STEM graduates to choose from is in their best interest.  It might also be in the IEEE's best interest as Feerst said.

I retired as an RF engineer at the end of last year.  In a company known for its radio heritage and expertise, I was one of perhaps ten out of a few hundred engineers.  I don't see that as the RF industry needing more graduates.  It looks like the higher frequency applications (like 5G) that are coming are big, but I'll be that one or two reference designs from a chip maker will be used and everyone else will just stamp them out.  To the extent anyone can "stamp out" such things.  (Hey, over a million or two 60GHz WiFi modems have been shipped, and 60GHz hardware used to be horribly exotic, back when I worked on it!)



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