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Analog Angle

Drone Detection Converges Sensor, Analog, RF Disciplines

Bill Schweber
9/25/2018 2:49:55 AM
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Re: Simple But Profound
Drones are actually worrying if you were to ask me. Though they serve such useful purposes to various departments and even to hobbyists, but the lengths that they can reach might pose risks to various individuals and corporations. I think a standard safety guideline needs to be put in place in order for everyone with a drone to take note of and to abide to. For those who fail to do so might get their equipment confiscated and even be banned from flying one again.

D Feucht
D Feucht
8/7/2017 8:14:42 PM
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Simple But Profound
"Despite being first published nearly 50 years ago, this classic book still has considerable relevant insight into the fundamental problems ..."

Bill, what a simple but profound statement. In the rush of complexity in electronic systems, there is still no substitute for understanding basic electronic principles well. That is why schools like MIT and CalTech rank high; they emphasize a deep understanding of basic principles. Good engineers also have the same characteristic.

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