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Doug Grant

Lessons I Learned From Jerry Fishman

Doug Grant
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If your interest is less in applications of analog technology than other problems, and you want to find out what’s happening in real analog, here's where you should be.
When it comes to this month’s ISSCC show, there are plenty of sections dedicated to solving issues with integrated analog technology. Here, our blogger looks at the sessions that offer new insight to difficult problems.
The International Solid State Circuits Conference kicks off February 9. While the mass media will focus on the biggest memory, faster processor, and smallest geometries reported, I prefer to look at the analog stuff.
Once semiconductor companies master the fabrication of micro-electromechanical systems (which they have), the next step is to master nano-electromechanical systems (which they are starting to).
A comparison of integrating large amounts of analog functionality onto a chip with simply using smaller individual analog function blocks. Which is better, cheaper, or easier?
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