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Doug Grant

Analog Signals: Audio, Video & Umm... Other Stuff

Doug Grant
8/30/2013 4:32:37 AM
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Re: Key Attribute of Profitable Analog Products
I will not challenge that analog IC buisiness is tough and hard keeping fact in mind that diversity of the devices built on the semiconductor chip, rather board circuit design which permits the designer to select devices that have each been tested and nailed according to value.

Scott Elder
Scott Elder
8/29/2013 3:11:20 PM
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Key Attribute of Profitable Analog Products
If you are working on a product that you believe everyone will want, then you will always be competing on price eventually.  That is because there are lots of smart people in the world that are available at reasonable prices.  So it just takes capital and a desire to go after the business.

Hard design problems are hard only because of the limited R&D budget available which is set based upon projected market size.  An example of this is when the former US President Kennedy decided America would put humans on the moon.  It was hard also, but there was an open-ended budget on doing what others thought impossible.  So it happened.

In business, there are no open-ended budgets for pursuing small markets.  So things that appear complex are hard to do. 

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