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Signal Chain Basics

Optimizing SAR ADC driver amplifier and RC filter circuit settling using SPICE

Luis Chioye
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As vehicles become more electrified, it becomes more critical to accurately monitor the current in many subsystems to ensure performance as well as long-term reliability.
In this article, Iíll describe a few easy steps that will convert any Sallen-Key (SK) or multiple feedback (MFB) active filter from a single-input filter to a summing active filter that gives the same response without difficult calculations or analysis
Despite this reputation, I2C does have its challenges: a limited number of bits for a unique address can create address conflicts, or multiple devices may require different input voltages. Although solving these problems may seem straightforward, there are implication challenges to consider
High-speed data converters now digitize or generate signals directly at radio frequencies up to several gigahertz, replacing traditional radio-frequency (RF) components like mixers, local oscillators (LOs) and amplifiers. This article focuses on the transmitter (downlink) using an RF sampling digital-to-analog converter (DAC); my next article will cover the receiver (uplink)
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