Author: Bob Frostholm

Bob Frostholm is Director of Marketing and Sales at analog ASIC company JVD Inc. in Silicon Valley. He has held semiconductor marketing, sales, and CEO positions at established and startup analog semiconductor companies for over 40 years. In the early 70s, he was one of the original marketers behind the ubiquitous 555 timer chip. After 12 years with Signetics-Philips, Fairchild, and National Semiconductor, he co-founded his first startup in 1984, Scottish-based Integrated Power (later acquired by Seagate). He subsequently joined Sprague's semiconductor operations in Massachusetts and helped orchestrate its spinoff from the capacitor business and ultimate acquisition by Japan-based Sanken Electric, creating what is now known as Allegro Microsystems. Bob later became Vice President of Marketing at Siliconix, and then Vice President of Sales and Marketing at SEEQ Technology where he facilitated its success in networking ICs that lead to SEEQs acquisition by LSI Logic. He was then recruited to become President and CEO of Power X Networks, USA. He subsequently held multiple executive level marketing and sales roles for several analog IC startups before joining JVD in 2011.

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