Author: Ioannis (John) Piliounis

John is 55, married, with 3 grown children (two girls and a boy). He has a Physics BSc degree from the University of Ioannina/Greece and a MSc on EECE from the University of Athens/Greece [Physics Dept. & CE Dept.] In the 90s, he had attended special extended trainings on:

  • BIOS and computer hardware at AMI-Norcross/Atlanta and Hong Kong
  • UNIX and multiuser OSs at Norcross/Atlanta
  • Data base systems at SABRE/United Airlines at Washington D.C. 


He was director of IT at Olympic Aviation until 2000, while also working independently as a firmware and hardware designer for industrial automation and telemetry systems based on eZ80s, AVRs, 8051s, etc.

In 2001 he created his own company ATLASCOM, focusing on designing, prototyping and implementation of hardware, firmware, network and application software systems on behalf of the ATLAS SECURITY group of companies and the Greek market. Atlas Security covers and supports a very wide range of services, products and systems on the security systems field.

His running projects from the last two years have been regarding IoT designs, based on the ARM Cortex-M4 32bit micro-controllers platform, that bind GPRS, 4G,land-line IP and microwave front-end communication channels with industrial, residential and telemetry, real-time control and monitoring systems. Much of the work relates to ARM based DSP and MIMO innovative designs and uses, while the rest of the work regards in writing efficient and good C-based firmware for the ARMs.

Apart from the above he is doing some research on experimental Physics & Informatics with special focus on classical/quantum electrodynamics & NP computing algorithms.

Piliounis also holds a European Ham Radio diploma, Cat-1 and very rarely "flies" in the short waves under the SV1OCS call-sign.

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