Author: Jason Bowden

Jason has nearly 13 years of experience in the electronics industry. After graduating from Vincennes University in 2000 as a mechanical design and computer aided drafter, he began his career at Panasonic Home Appliances Co. of America. After a couple years doing mechanical design, he chose the path of least resistance and headed into the electrical engineering field. He continued his education and received degrees in both electronics and project management. He later became Panasonic's lead electrical design engineer and received several patents from his various designs. Jason also worked with purchasing, R&D, and sourcing and developed suppliers all over the world, including Japan, China, Mexico, Brazil, and the US. After 11 years of designing, he decided to jump over the fence to electronic sales and became a sales engineer for Rathsburg Associates Inc. He uses his past experiences of long nights in the lab inhaling solder fumes and blowing up boards to let engineers realize that he is not just a sales guy, but someone who knows where the engineers have been, where they are now, and where they want to go..

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