Author: Jean-Jacques (JJ) DeLisle

JJ DeLisle

Jean-Jacques (JJ) DeLisle attended the Rochester Institute of Technology, where he graduated with a BS and MS degree in Electrical Engineering. While studying, JJ pursued RF/microwave research, wrote for the university magazine, and was a member of the first improvisational comedy troupe @RIT. Before completing his degree, JJ contracted as an IC layout and automated test design engineer for Synaptics Inc. After 6 years of original research--developing and characterizing intra-coaxial antennas and wireless sensor technology--JJ left Synaptics with several submitted technical papers and a U.S. patent. Further pursuing his career, JJ moved to New York City. Here, he took on work as the Technical Engineering Editor for Microwaves & RF magazine. At the magazine, JJ learned how to merge his skills and passion for RF engineering and technical writing. In the next phase of JJ’s career, he moved on to start his company, RFEMX, seeing a significant need in the industry for technically competent writers and objective industry experts. Progressing with that aim, JJ expanded his company’s scope and vision and started Information Exchange Services (IXS). All posts by Jean-Jacques (JJ) DeLisle below: