Author: John Teel

John Teel is President of Teel Engineering, a company which develops electronic products for entrepreneurs, and companies of all sizes.  Formerly, John was a senior analog IC design engineer for Texas Instruments.  While at TI he designed microchips which are now used in millions of popular portable devices including several products from Apple.  John was also an elected member of TI's technical staff.  He has a MSEE degree from the University of Texas specializing in microelectronics. 


John has been designing electronics since he was 14.  He has designed everything from microchips to wireless devices to robots.  He has also developed, manufactured and marketed his own consumer product and is an active entrepreneur.  Since leaving Texas Instruments in 2008 John has lived in spectacular places like Alaska, Hawaii, and now Sedona, Arizona.  His hobbies include physics, natural history, wildlife viewing, and hiking.  John especially enjoys theoretical physics with a focus on quantum theory and relativity.

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