Author: Luca Difalco

Difalco started his professional career with STMicroelectronics in 2000 in Catania, Italy, as a Technical Product Marketer responsible for Power Transistors, followed by two years in Taipei, Taiwan, responsible for the Display Sector. From 2003, he covered the Strategic Marketing and New Product Business Management position while in Catania. By 2008, Difalco was managing the Breakthrough Sectors Market Development in the US. In 2010, Difalco was appointed Director of Marketing, responsible for ST's Strategic Sectors Development for the Americas Region, a position he still holds. In 2012, he was chosen to lead the Industrial & Power Discretes Group, Americas Region. His group encompasses Smart Power as well as IoT Marketing and Systems Solutions.


Luca Difalco was born in Ragusa, Italy, in 1975, and graduated in 1999 with a master's degree in Electronic Engineering from the University of Catania. He is located in Schaumburg, IL. 

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