Automotive grade 12-Bit SAR ADCs are I2C enabled

Linear Technology has introduced the LTC2301/LTC2305, a pair of 1-/2-channel 12-bit ADCs that are well suited to automotive sensing, power and temperature measurement applications. Offering I2C communication with data transfers up to 400kHz, they are deemed ideal for applications that require measurement of multiple channels, as designers can easily communicate with more than one TC2301/LTC2305 ADC in parallel.

These ADCs join the previously released 8-channel LTC2309. Available in 4mm x 3mm DFN and MSOP packages, the LTC2301 measures a single differential input while the LTC2305 digitises two single-ended inputs. Like the LTC2309, these ADCs feature an internal reference and a low-power shutdown mode that reduces power dissipation to 35uW.

Operating from a single 5V supply, Both the LTC2301and LTC2305 offer guaranteed specifications over the automotive/H-grade temperature range of -40°C to +125°C in the MSOP package.

According to Linear, the LTC2301 and LTC2305 achieve impressive DC specifications, including +/-1LSB INL and DNL, +/-2mV(max) zero-scale error and +/-1LSB(max) full-scale error. The LTC2301/LTC2305 achieve 73dB SINAD and -88dB THD at 1kHz when digitizing AC input signals.

The LTC2301 and LTC2305 are available today in commercial, industrial and automotive temperature grades.

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