AVT-51663/53663: DC to 6000 MHz InGap HBT Gain Blocks

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The AVT-51663 and AVT-53663 are high linearity, low current broadband gain blocks/driver amplifiers that operate from DC to 6000MHz. The broadband gain feature on these devices is great for broadband applications such as CATV, Satellite TV or MOCA set top box, as well as for various bands of cellular infrastructure that may look to use the same driver amplifier/gain block within different frequency ranges and applications. Housed in an industry standard 6 lead SC-70 package, each device is internally matched to 50 ohms so that it requires only DC blocking capacitors, an RF choke, biasing resistors and bypass capacitors for operation. At the typical operating condition of 5V and 37mA, these devices exhibit excellent OIP3 (Output Third Order Intercept Point), P1dB (Output Power at 1dB Gain Compression) and noise figure characteristics.

  • AVT-51663: 19.0dB Gain, 24dBm OIP3, 12.5dBm P1dB and 3.2dB Noise Figure at 2000MHz
  • AVT-53663: 19.5dB Gain, 26.5dBm OIP3, 15.0dBm P1dB and 3.2dB Noise Figure at 2000MHz

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