AVT-52663/50663: DC to 6000 MHz InGap HBT Gain Blocks

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The AVT-50663/AVT-52663 are broadband gain blocks designed to operate within the DC to 6000MHz frequency band. These devices utilize a Darlington configuration and complement the performance of other Avago Silicon Gain Block products, but at a higher frequency band. Using Avago's InGaP HBT technology, the AVT-50663/ AVT-5233 products feature high linearity, low current consumption and excellent ESD Protection. AVT-50663/AVT-52663 are housed in an industry standard 6 lead SC70 package and utilize internally matched 50 ohm IO. These devices require only DC blocking capacitors, RF choke, biasing resistors and bypass capacitors for operation.

  • AVT-50663: Current consumption 38 mA, OIP3 25.3 dBm
  • AVT-52663: Current consumption 45 mA, OIP3 27.4 dBm

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