AWR adds high-frequency filter design to Microwave Office

AWR® has announced that Nuhertz Filter (a filter synthesis and analysis software from Nuhertz Technologies®) can be integrated with AWR's Microwave Office® high-frequency design suite. The company reports that the new enhancement can reduce the computation time required to obtain flat group-delay response (in quadruplet zeros delay-equalized lumped-element filters) has been reduced down to seconds as compared to hours.

Here's a screen shot from Microwave Office:

I recently met with Sherry Hess, AWR's VP of marketing, at the MTT-S show in Atlanta. She told me then that AWR has a long-standing tradition of supporting its customers in their effort to integrate third-party tools into its design suites. So why choose this particular program?

Flat group delay response (ensuring that all frequencies arrive at the same time within the passband) is a critical aspect of good filter design in order to obtain distortion-free performance. Many have been working to efficiently control group delay in band-pass filters by cross-coupling resonators. Typically, the design of low- and high-pass filters requires extensive computer optimizations to synthesize the required component values when efficient quadruplet zeros are employed. According to Hess, Nuhertz Technologies has developed a direct-synthesis strategy that determines the element values that control low-pass or high-pass quadruplet zeros controlled group delay. This approach is optimized to reduce computation time and eliminate the extra circuit components that result from traditional equalization techniques.

According to AWR, Nuhertz Filter (and the stand-alone version Filter Solutions) is the only filter synthesis software currently available that provides this capability, and Microwave Office software is the only high-frequency design environment in which it can be directly integrated.

Click here for more info, downloads, and data sheet.

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