Backstage Vibe™ Music Platform Revolutionizes the Music Industry

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NEW YORK, Aug. 29, 2012

NEW YORK , Aug. 29, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Life Design Station International, Inc. (OTC Pink: LDSI) announced today that Backstage Vibe™ is revolutionizing the music industry by transforming the way all things music are created, produced, promoted and sold. 

The development of Backstage Vibe™, an innovative global social music platform, serves the needs of musicians, rappers, songwriters, DJs, lyricists, music promoters and producers, and music vendors all on one incredibly powerful website platform. It does this while also inviting fans to join the community to have fun and support their favorite artists.

By joining Backstage Vibe™ artists, promoters, producers, and fans will all have a new vehicle to connect with one another:

  • Artists can collaborate in a way that has not been done before – online, in real time, worldwide
  • Artists increase chances of being discovered by sharing this social platform with promoters, producers, and fans
  • Producers and promoters access a one-stop shop to discover and connect with talent
  • Artists and other music vendors build their own individual storefronts and sell their wares in a community- and web-wide Backstage Vibe™ store
  • Artists  and other music vendors maintain full control over the pricing of their music and merchandise
  • Artists can solicit real time feedback from their fans and promote upcoming events
  • Fans gain “backstage” access to their favorite talent, with the opportunity to interact on a social level
  • Anyone can connect, anyone can collaborate, anyone can sell, all will Vibe!

Backstage Vibe™ leverages the proven popularity and success of social networking websites and Internet-based music. Inspired by pure musical artistry and created for the music community, the Backstage Vibe™ platform brings together key players from all facets of the music industry and the public into one powerhouse network.

Visit for a sneak peak. Pre-register now for 2 months free access to this most innovative social music network. Join us Backstage and experience the Vibe at this unparalleled music, e-commerce and social community. 

About Life Design Station International, Inc.

Life Design Station International, Inc. (LDSI) is a music-inspired corporation.  The Company empowers artists, producers and other music professionals to reach millions of potential customers.  Life Design Station International, through its Internet-based division, develops and directs an innovative global social platform allowing artists from the U.S. and the world to interface collaboratively in order to promote, produce and sell their musical artistry.  LDSI's Backstage Vibe™ provides a leading-edge, secure and user-friendly environment for the sale, distribution and securing of world talent from one source.

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