Battery Management IC – accurately calculates remaining capacity

Building on extensive research and development in battery management, Texas Instruments announced a unique 'gas gauge' technology that calculates remaining capacity in lithium-based battery packs with up to 99% accuracy throughout the entire life of a battery. The Impedance Track&#153 technology allows designers and users of portable medical, industrial appliances and notebooks to prolong battery use and always know the exact amount of potential energy left inside the battery.

TI's innovative Impedance Track technology precisely gauges changes in impedance, or resistance caused by battery age, temperature and cycle patterns, to accurately predict run-time of two-, three- and four-cell battery packs. The technology, which sits inside TI's Flash-based bq20z8x gas gauge chipset, analyzes precise state of charge when a battery pack is in a relaxed state by correlating between a battery pack's open circuit voltage and the current state of charge and temperature.

An exact “starting position” is determined for instant state of charge, and total capacity is calculated from the amount of capacity that exists ” eliminating the need for a full charge and discharge cycle. For certain applications such as heart defibrillators or back-up battery packs used in telecom systems that never fully charge and discharge, Impedance Track will ensure instant and accurate capacity information on a continual basis.

The technology relies on a dynamic modeling algorithm to learn how much a battery has degraded through age, temperature or usage, and then correlates typical chemical properties of the anode/cathode system in the battery's cell ” no matter what brand of battery cell used. In fact, Impedance Track allows for the mixing of different manufacturers' cells in a single pack, providing flexibility and continuity of supply.

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