Beck IPC web controllers have four serial interfaces

Wetzlar, Germany — Beck IPC GmbH extends its IPC@CHIP® product family with the SC123/SC143. The new product offers increased performance, more memory and more functionality whilst still offering full software compatibility with the previous SC11, SC12 and SC13 controllers. All important and well-established hardware functions and interfaces of SC11/SC13 are retained, and have been enhanced with a number of additional key functions. The new controllers offer a second Ethernet interface, two CAN and one USB interface that can be used either in host or device mode. The number of serial interfaces has been increased from two to four. The BGA design supports larger unit volumes in all aspects of industrial control and communication. The SC123 and SC143 come with a pre-installed IPC@CHIP® RTOS real-time/multi-tasking operating system and downward compatible API interface, and are software-compatible with SC11, SC12 and SC13. Existing SC1x applications can be reused after recompiling with the new 24-bit mode C/C++ compiler contained in the Development Kit. In addition to the new hardware features, the SC123 / SC143 controllers offer a number of new software features. Thy are also available in versions that include a runtime license for the CoDeSys PLC RTS (SC123-IEC/SC143-IEC). Beck IPC GmbH , Wetzlar, Germany.

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