BEEcube Announces miniBEE™- The Ultimate Full Speed Mixed Signal FPGA Prototyping Platform made portable

BEEcube introduces miniBEE, the latest generation BEE (Berkeley Emulation Engine) at the Design Automation Conference (DAC) 2011

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FREMONT, Calif., June 3, 2011

FREMONT, Calif. , June 3, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — BEEcube Inc, a leading provider of advanced system-level FPGA prototyping platforms, BEE™ systems, today announces the ultimate full-speed mixed signal FPGA prototyping platform made portable', the miniBEE. The newest generation BEE, the miniBEEis similar to BEE4 but made smaller.  miniBEE offers application flexibility and customization as well as significant throughput capacity in a smaller footprint.


“Not only is the miniBEE based on the latest Virtex 6 FPGAs, but we have incorporated the latest FMC and SFP+ expansion standards.  miniBEEis an unraveled one-FPGA platform.  miniBEE is coupled with very high-speed 10GE interfaces and abundance of memory,” states Dr. Chen Chang BEEcube's CEO and founder. “miniBEE has many of the advantages of our highly desirable BEE4 but is more affordable, more accessible, and more portable.”

“Customers have been craving for an entry-level BEE4 system,” says Joseph Rothman , BEEcube's Sr. VP of Marketing and Business Development. “miniBEE will fit their needs, and provide a growth path to our flagship BEE4 systems. miniBEE allows customers to purchase any number of FPGAs because miniBEEs and BEE4s can be interconnected.”

miniBEE, the ultimate portable mixed signal full speed FPGA prototyping platform targets applications like:

  • Wireless Digital Communications – LTE Advanced, MIMO, Radar, SDR, Channel Simulation
  • High Performance Computing, Computer Architecture Research and Edge Devices – router, switch prototyping
  • University Lab Research Workstations
  • Hardware Simulation Acceleration
  • Digital Signal Processing
  • Aviation and Space System Validation
  • Video Processing Prototyping

miniBEE Capabilities include:

  • Latest Virtex-6 FPGA Family
  • Wireless Portable Instrument Display
  • Integrated Powerful PC Environment
    • Control, Setup, and Management
  • Multi-user Remote Access
  • Full Speed Network I/O – 100 Gbps
  • Large Memory Capability – up to 32GB
  • Flexible FMC Expansion Options
    • SFP/SFP+, ADC/DAC, HDMI, 10Gibabit Ethernet
  • Wireless LAN
  • Clusterable with BEE4

miniBEE Features include:

  • Xilinx Virtex-6 FPGA
    • Up to 500 MHz
    • LXT 240/365/550 or SXT 315/475
  • FMC (HPC) Expansion Slot
  • SFP+ 6.5 Gbps (4X) for CPRI/FC/Ethernet
  • Quad 10GE PHY
  • DDR3-800/1066 EDD RDIMM (2x)
  • Gigabit Ethernet (RJ45)
  • COM Express Type 6
    • I5/i7 up to 2.53GHz Sandy Bridge
    • 16GB, PCIe (x4, x16, Gen2)
  • High Density Digital I/O (Mictor)
  • Multiple External Clock I/Os (SMA)
  • Control Touch Screen – OLED
  • Integrated USB (4 external, 2 internal)
  • HDMI, DVI Video Display Port
  • Portable 2RU by 1/2 Rack Width, 40 cm Deep Unit
  • Integrated Matlab® /Simulink® Design Environment

As with BEE4, miniBEE comes with BEEcube's unprecedented technology including:

  • Sting I/O™ – Full Speed Interfaces
    • Supports Real-Time Workloads and Streaming
  • Nectar OS™ – OS for Local Monitoring and Control
    • Full Speed Debugging, Trace & Application Development
  • Honeycomb Architecture™ Compatible
    • Scalable Cluster Support
  • BEEcube Platform Studio™ (BPS)
    • IDE for Automatic Algorithm and Interface Deployment

For additional information on the miniBEE, please contact . To learn more about BEEcube Inc., please visit

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About BEEcube:

BEEcube, a leading provider of advanced system-level FPGA prototyping platforms, was founded in 2006. Spinning out of the University of California, Berkeley , BEEcube's founders include the best academic minds in Silicon Valley and are credited with founding a number of leading companies, including Atheros Communications.

There are over 150 BEE systems deployed worldwide in major corporations and top universities. Corporations currently using BEE systems include: Xilinx, Microsoft, Sun Microsystems, Aerospace Corporation, and Thales Group. Leading universities include: University of California, Berkeley , Stanford University , Massachusetts Institute of Technology , Imperial College London, Barcelona Super Computing Center, Tokyo University , Tsinghua University, and Peking University.

For more information contact or visit the website: . Telephone: (510)252-1136. Facsimile: (888)700-8917. BEEcube's corporate headquarters is based at 39465 Paseo Padre Parkway, Suite 3700, Fremont, CA 94538.

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