Berkeley Design Automation offers SPICE accurate device noise analysis for RF circuits

Winchester, UK – Berkeley Design Automation, Inc., (Santa, Clara) is claiming to have developed the first true SPICE accurate device noise analysis for RF circuits.

Available immediately, the company's AFS RF accurately analyzes nanometer-scale device noise impact for all types of pre-layout and post-layout circuits, ensuring early insight into its impact on performance, power, and area.

Before AFS RF was released, designers have had to use limited-spectrum RF tools that can only approximate device noise impact on RF circuits. Such approximations are increasingly inaccurate with decreasing process geometries and often become grossly inaccurate in nanometer-scale circuits.

Particularly sensitive are circuits with sharp transitions such as switched-capacitor filters, charge pumps, and dividers), high-frequency circuits (RF front-end blocks), and oscillators.

Providing designers with an accurate analysis tool will mean that they no longer need to include expensive design margin or risk missing specifications in silicon.

Utilizing the industry's first full-spectrum device noise analysis engine, Analog FastSPICE RF provides true SPICE accuracy every run. For complex circuits it is also five to 10 times faster than traditional RF tools that can only approximate device noise effects.

AFS RF key features include:

  • Device Noise Analysis Advisor (DNA Advisor) to characterize DNA requirements
  • High-capacity periodic steady state (PSS) for >100K-element post-layout circuits
  • Full-spectrum periodic noise analysis (pnoise) that provides true SPICE accuracy
  • Full-spectrum total oscillator device noise analysis with phase and amplitude noise

  • Harmonic balance (HB) for fast single-tone analysis of moderately nonlinear circuits.

“We have been using the AFS Platform for the last two years for full-circuit transceiver verification and more recently transient noise analysis of our analog/RF blocks,” said Alan Wong, Head of IC Design at Toumaz Technology. “AFS RF delivers full-spectrum periodic noise analysis, and does not trade off accuracy for performance. AFS RF allows us to analyze our pre-layout and post-layout RF blocks, delivering true SPICE accuracy and 5x-10x speed-up over traditional RF analysis tools.”

“Full-spectrum periodic noise analysis is critical for accurate characterization of device noise in nanometer analog/RF designs.” said Dr Boris Murmann, Assistant Professor in the Department of Electrical Engineering at Stanford University, and renowned mixed-signal design expert.

“Without accurate device noise analysis, designers need to add significant margin to ensure performance. This can be very expensive. For example, adding just 0.5 bit of margin (3 dB SNR) in a noise-limited circuit will double the required power.”

The Analog FastSPICE Platform (AFS Platform) claims to be the industry's only unified circuit verification platform for analog, mixed-signal, and RF design. The platform always delivers true SPICE accurate results, while providing 5x-20x higher performance than traditional SPICE, >10 million-element capacity, and the industry's only comprehensive device noise analysis. The AFS Platform is a single executable that uses advanced algorithms and numerical analysis to rapidly solve the full-circuit matrix and original device equations without any shortcuts. The AFS Platform includes licenses for AFS Nano SPICE simulation, AFS circuit simulation, AFS Co-Simulation, AFS Transient Noise Analysis, and AFS RF Analysis.

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