BFi OPTiLAS introduces blue-violet laser diode modules with modulated output

Evry, France — BFi OPTiLAS , Pan European distributor of Photonic Products, announces 405 nm blue-violet laser diode modules with modulated output. Designed as a complete laser diode system for OEMs, the 405 nm laser modules are suitable for use in applications such as biomedical instrumentation, imaging, spectroscopy, fluorescence sensing, microscopy and many other emerging technologies. The compact and efficient 405 nm laser modules produce either an elliptical output beam of 4 x 1.5 mm with output power of 4 mW, or a 2 mm circular output beam with output power of 0.9 mW. The glass AR coated optical lens may be adjusted to produce either a collimated beam or focused spot. The standard lens may be replaced by other optical systems such as line generators. The laser is extremely stable and reliable and offers the added advantage of TTL modulation input which will accept signals from DC up to 1 kHz minimum. TTL modulation can be used to enable, inhibit or modulate the laser. Operating voltage is from 6.5 V to 12 V DC at an operating current of 90 mA, or 100 mA. Operating temperature range is -10°C to +50°C. The modules are a compact 12 mm diameter x 43mm length. BFi OPTiLAS International , Evry, France.

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