Bi-directional power amplifier targets WLAN systems

Trenton, N.J. — Stealth Microwave has introduced the SMTR2425-11B40, a 10-W bi-directional power amplifier, for 802.11b WLAN systems used in military applications. The power amps also can be used in various ISM band applications.

The SMTR2425-11B40 uses LDMOS FET transistors, which allow for more efficient operation while still meeting EVM and spectral mask requirements, said Stealth Microwave. This solid-state power amplifier provides a frequency range of 2400 to 2500 MHz and a DC input voltage of +12 V with a +28-V version available. The power amplifier features automatic gain control circuitry that provides consistent 10-W output over a wide input range, and a LED Tx/Rx mode status indicator. The device is packaged in a rugged weatherproof housing and measures 6 x5 x .8 inches. It's offered with various DC/RF connector options.

Product information: SMTR2425-11B40

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