Bidirectional video filters simplify the input-output connection

Sunnyvale, Calif.&#8212Eliminating the need for separate input and output connectors, Maxim says its MAX7481/MAX7482 bidirectional video filters/buffers are the first devices to utilize the same filter for both the record and playback modes. As such, it's promoted as a viable space-saving alternative that improves performance at a cost comparable to the discrete fixed-frequency, high-definition, L-R-C filter, buffer, and switch solutions now available.

“Many applications in the portable consumer market have unique requirements that call for connector sharing for video recording and playback,” said Jeremy Tole, director of Business Management for Advanced Video Products. “The MAX7481/MAX7482 utilize the same set of filters in both playback and record modes by using switches that route the signals through a different path for each mode. Implementing these internal switches with minimal on-resistance allows designers to use a single filter set for both modes. This unique functionality makes these devices efficient, compact solutions that save both space and cost.”

These devices, for portable media players, digital camcorders, and digital still cameras, include reconstruction filters and line drive buffers for both composite video (CVBS) and S-video (Y/C) signals in playback mode, and anti-aliasing filters in the record mode. Moreover, the MAX7481/MAX7482 feature the company's DirectDrive technology, which eliminates the need for large AC-coupling capacitors. DirectDrive utilizes an internal negative charge pump and a regulator to maintain the output-blanking level at ground so that the output to the display can be DC-coupled. Each channel consists of a lowpass filter and an output buffer capable of driving a full 2 Vp-p video signal into one standard 150-ohm load (DC-coupled to ground) with +6 dB (MAX7481) or +7 dB (MAX7482) gain.

Click here to access the product datasheet. The MAX7481/MAX7482, in a 5-by-5 mm, 28-pin TQFN and rated for operation over the extended commercial-temperature range (-40 to +85&degC), is priced starting at $1.35 each (1000-up, FOB USA).

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