Billtrust Launches Invoice Central, the First Electronic Billing Destination Site Focused on the Needs of Both Vendors and Small Businesses

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HAMILTON, N.J., Feb. 7, 2012

HAMILTON, N.J. , Feb. 7, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Billtrust, the premier provider of outsourced billing services, today announced the launch of Invoice Central, a groundbreaking, cloud-based business invoice network that is focused on streamlining invoice delivery and payment for both vendors AND small businesses. Invoice Central provides vendors with a hub-based approach to deliver invoices and accept payments electronically. Small businesses can sign up for free, log in and begin receiving and paying invoices from multiple vendors from one convenient website. Invoice Central empowers small business owners with a one-stop location for invoice and payment management, helping them avoid late fees, maximize early-pay discounts and save time by scheduling future payments.

Today, many vendors have the ability to issue invoices and receive payments online. However, the majority of their small business customers have resisted turning off paper because it is too cumbersome to contend with logging in to multiple vendor payment sites – each with a different login protocol and user interface. Invoice Central solves this problem by enabling small businesses to access invoices from multiple vendors with a single login to a central site.

The Invoice Central model has already taken hold in the business-to-consumer market, which offers consumers many bill aggregation options. But until now, there was no one-stop payment hub for businesses. Billtrust CEO Flint Lane stated that his company is in a unique position to launch a business invoice network like Invoice Central: “Perhaps no one in the industry has the breadth of experience in electronic billing that Billtrust has,” Lane said. “We have the infrastructure in place to support the security, marketing and payment network that is absolutely necessary for widespread adoption.”

Invoice Central, which is free to business bill payers, delivers productivity gains that are impossible to achieve with paper-driven processes or at single-vendor sites. Designed to eliminate the inefficiencies that hamper accounts payable operations, Invoice Central can minimize business disruptions. It enables users to schedule future payments quickly and easily and allows businesses to capitalize on early payment discounts. Invoice Central also provides companies with online access to their complete billing and payment history.

On the vendor side, Invoice Central offers an array of benefits, even for electronic billing-savvy vendors.  Invoice Central provides vendors with an opportunity to expand their electronic invoicing footprint, thereby dramatically reducing processing costs and payment processing expenses. Invoice Central expedites payment through the ACH network and enables faster payment application with files that are configured for vendor accounts receivable systems.

According to Rob Richardson , Credit Director at Corken Steel, “Simply put, Invoice Central makes a whole lot of sense. Our company has made a strong commitment to driving electronic adoption among our customer base. Invoice Central creates a win for us by creating a win for our customers.”

Invoice Central is an open network of business-to-business vendors and invoice recipients. Over 70 vendors have already signed up to deliver invoices and accept payments on Invoice Central, and more are signing up each month.

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