Bipolars do motors a good turn

Zetex Semiconductors introduces its newest bipolar transistors, the ZX5T851Z NPN and ZX5T951Z PNP devices that tout efficient high-current operation for DC motor control applications. The transistors, in an SOT89 (4.4-by-4.0 mm footprint) and rated for a power dissipation of 2.1 watts, are also billed as a more cost-effective alternative to much larger or other traditional packages (e.g., SOT223, DPAK).

Both 60-volt (Vceo) devices are designed to easily withstand the voltage demands of medium-power motor drive circuits. The NPN device, with a specified equivalent on-resistance of 30 milliohms at 6 amps, can handle a continuous current of 5 amps and a peak current up to 20 amps. The PNP transistor, with an RDS(on) of 32 milliohms at 5 amps, has corresponding ratings of 4.3 amps, and 15 amps. Their high current gain hold-up characteristic accommodates stall currents, and the bipolar devices' low saturation voltages (e.g., 55 mV at Ic = 1 amp at Ib = 100 mA for the ZX5T851Z) minimize on-state losses.

The ZX5T851Z and ZX5T951Z are priced at 24 cents each in 10k quantities. Delivery is 4 to 6 weeks in production volumes.

851Z Data sheet
951Z Data sheet

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