Blending the best of analog and digital

What is it about this economic downturn? As soon as it began, companies started introducing things that I actually wanted to buy. Not even just wanted – positively hankered for, despite it being a time for feeling faintly guilty for coveting anything, let alone buying – not that that is something you'll want to hear, I know.

One of the items on my combined Birthday/Christmas list 2009/10/11 … then is Samsung's 12-megapixel TL320 digital camera with 5X zoom. The reason being is that it blends what I think are some of the best combination of analog and digital features I have yet seen. Most noticeable, and strongly appealing to those of us that favour function and aesthetics, is that the camera features two very 'retro' analog dials to describe its remaining storage space and battery life – a simple, intuitive, stroke of genius!

Samsung's digital mastery is evident in slightly spooky but clever features such as the 'beauty shot' mode, which locates skin and enhances its tone, as well as removes blemishes. Otherwise, there's face detection, blink detection and even smile detection, optical image stabilisation and dual image stabilisation. And signalling the presence of a mems accelerometer, the TL320 boasts the almost compulsory feature of automatic picture orientation recognition.

With my existing digital camera still working, it is clear that my eco-friendly credentials (and my piggy bank's security), are going to be sorely tested over the coming months. It will be interesting to see how the TL320's dials are received generally. But, having always loved toggle switches, dials etc. I hope that it marks a return to more analog controls.

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