Blocks for buck/boost chips

Recognizing rising market demand for low power consumption in portable devices, LTRIM today announced two new DC-DC converter IP blocks for buck, or buck/boost chip designs. LTRIM specializes in high-performance power management and other analog intellectual property (IP) solutions that integrate into mixed-signal system-on-chips (SoCs) and other analog chips. SoC developers will find LTRIM's new IP blocks advantageous for power-constrained applications such as high-end mobile phones, Wi-Fi, MP3, 3D graphics on mobile devices, digital video, Bluetooth/USB interfaces, and other battery-operated applications.

Developed to help SoC designers create chips that extend battery life, LTRIM's LTR2100-T18 step-down (buck) and LTR2400-TI8 step-down/step-up (dual-mode (buck/boost) converter blocks both provide 1.8V of output voltage with guaranteed output current of 100mA. Each highly-efficient IP block features very low quiescent- and shutdown-current specifications, fast response times, and low output ripple.

“Our goal is to give chip-level designers the most efficient and flexible approaches to power management,” said Mike Shamshirian, LTRIM Vice president of Corporate Sales. “Our converter blocks address an incredibly wide range of battery powered applications and product classes.”

Both the LTR2100-T18 and LTR2400-TI8 IP blocks are architecturally designed to allow the use of small surface-mount inductors and ceramic capacitors, without requiring the use of a Shottky diode. The LTR2100 is a dedicated buck converter while the LTR2400 can be configured as buck or boost converter. Each also features 500mV voltage references, soft-start control and fault detection.

LTRIM's new DC-DC converter IP offerings, like all of LTRIM's high-performance power-management and analog blocks, are easily integrated into mixed-signal SoCs and analog ICs for overall bill of materials (BOM) cost savings, higher reliability and performance, and exceptional accuracy.

The LTR2100-T18 step-down (buck) and LTR2400-TI8 step-down/step-up (dual-mode (buck/boost) DC-DC converter blocks are available today in TSMC 0.18 micron technology.

LTRIM Technologies is a provider of high-end, high-performance power-management CMOS analog virtual component solutions, which can be easily integrated into CMOS mixed-signal SoCs or offered as stand-alone analog chips. In addition, LTRIM Technologies has developed and patented a new laser fine-tuning technology for standard silicon diffused resistors that further enhances analog block performance.

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