Bluetooth/FM radio combo chip saves space, cost

Geneva, Switzerland — STMicroelectronics has introduced its 4th-generation Bluetooth/FM Radio combo sytem-on-a-chip, which meets the integration and cost requirements of the cellular phone market. By combining Bluetooth wireless personal-area-network functionality with a FM radio transceiver in a single 65-nm chip, the STLC2690 saves both space and cost for manufacturers of portable products

For consumers, the device delivers stereo FM R(B)DS reception (RX) direct to their Bluetooth headsets. The fully integrated short range FM R(B)DS transmitter (TX) allows users to enjoy stored music content on any in-car or home FM radio tuner.

The short-range FM transmitter is specifically designed for use in mobile phones that also take advantage of a FM receiver. Proprietary SureTune technology automatically selects the optimal FM transmit frequency, while the programmable high output power allows stable operation even when using integrated antennas with poor efficiency. The STLC2690 delivers a stable and user-friendly FM transmission implementation with real enhancement of the user experience in mobile applications, said ST.

The STLC2690 is compliant with BT v2.1+EDR and requires only one supply voltage. Current consumption is reduced by up to 35% compared to previous generation products in 130-nm technology.

The integrated FM receiver is said to set a new world standard for receiver sensitivity. With real-time programmable filters for optimum search and sensitivity stability, the STLC2690 can also be used with integrated FM antennas. The device supports all deployed R(B)DS services and all worldwide FM bands (65 to 108 MHz).

This new chip is manufactured in ST's advanced low-leakage ultra-low-power 65-nm RFCMOS technology. The STLC2690 comes in a wafer-level chip-scale package (WLCSP) with a 0.4-mm pitch. Its ultra-low external bill-of-materials (BOM) count allows a PCB footprint as small as 36 mm2. The pin-out arrangement is also suitable for use on low-cost PCB assemblies.

Availability: STLC2690 samples are being evaluated by several leading handset manufacturers. Volume production is scheduled for the second half of 2008.
Datasheet: STLC2690 and complete Bluetooth portfolio

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