Bluetooth in-car design takes less than six-weeks to integrate

Cambridge, United Kingdom—CSR launched RoadTunes, a feature rich, fully interoperable Bluetooth hands-free package for Personal Navigation Devices (PNDs) and in-car systems.

Designed to provide OEMs with a faster time to market, RoadTunes boasts less than six-week average integration time. CSR's reference design features full hardware and software components, including source code to allow designers to customize their designs.

Based on CSR's BlueCore5-Multimedia silicon, RoadTunes is a low-power, fully interoperable design with a powerful RISC and DSP processor. The design incorporates both CSR Clear Voice Capture (CVC) and third-party echo cancellation technologies. BlueCore5-Multimedia also features Bluetooth v2.1 for simple pairing and audio codec with a signal-to-noise ratio of -95 dB.

CSR designed RoadTunes to allow OEMs to integrate Bluetooth connectivity quickly, enabling a faster time to market with an easy plug-in concept. Incorporating Bluetooth Embedded Control Interface (BECI) guidelines, RoadTunes allows for easy integration via a simple interface/API. With almost no host MIPS required, RoadTunes makes incorporating wireless connectivity in embedded and aftermarket automotive devices easy.

RoadTunes allows the simultaneous pairing of up to eight Bluetooth devices, and safely controls a vast array of functions through numerous voice prompts. As it also offers multiple profile support (including A2DP, AVRCP, HFP, PBAP, DUN and SPP), devices designed around RoadTunes can offer full Bluetooth connectivity, including simultaneous audio, remote control of devices and hands-free operation.

RoadTunes enables three-way calling and automatic reconnection on start-up. With multi-profile support, RoadTunes provides users with the power to access a variety of functions, including last number redial, mute, voice dialing, phone book and even call history download (SIM/Memory).

RoadTunes has been tested with a large number of phones in, or about to appear in, the market. CSR provides all of its customers with the entire list of phones that the design has been tested with. CSR's RoadTunes is available in packages with external flash memory, Plug n Go, and Plug n Go AEC-Q100 (automotive qualified package).

Pricing: $6.
Availability: Today.


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