Bluetooth Module -with integrated codec and antenna

Free2Move AB has released the F2M03AC2 Bluetooth module, provided with a codec for audio transfer. The antenna is integrated therefore no RF-design is needed. The module is also provided with a complete Bluetooth stack. This means that for many applications there is no need for an external processor.

The measurements are 24x13mm, making it very suitable for products where size is important e.g. in a Bluetooth headset. The module is available with different software versions, which is suitable for different appliances. One example is complete software for implementation of a headset. Furthermore Free2move's easy to use Wireless UART protocol, where all data flows transparent through the serial port to the remote device, can be used. Using a few commands the user can configure the Bluetooth connection.

The protocol reduces time of implementation from months to hours. The module is also provided with more traditional software including protocols like HCI, RFCOMM and similar. F2M03AC2 is qualified as an end product according to the Bluetooth specification. Users do not need to make any further Bluetooth qualification.

Free2Move AB , 302 50 Halmstad, Sweden.

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