Bluetooth MP3 player design achieves under-$10 electronic BOM

Wireless chip maker CSR has announced a Bluetooth-enabled MP3 player reference design with an electronic bill of materials of less than $10. The company says the design – called the BlueCore Player – enables designers to quickly bring to market high-quality single-chip MP3 players with wireless Bluetooth stereo at a lower price point than previously achievable.

Designed for listening to music wirelessly, or for sharing music by streaming two headsets simultaneously, the player also enables direct streaming of MP3 files to reduce power consumption. The player is based on the company's BlueCore5-Multimedia External chip for mono and stereo headsets, which integrates a Bluetooth v2.0+EDR-compliant (Bluetooth v2.1-ready) radio, baseband, an embedded 64-MIPS DSP coprocessor and 16-bit stereo codec.

The BlueCore Player reference design includes all the circuit diagrams, software, Gerber files, and hardware needed for a full-featured MP3 player in a form factor of less than 45 x 60 mm. It supports the Bluetooth Audio Video Remote Control Profile (AVRCP) to control stop and start playback and volume control, and the Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP) for high-quality audio streaming.

Also included in the electronic BOM is an OLED color display, supporting both Asian and Arabic fonts, and a lithium battery with a mini-USB charger connector and on-chip charger which supports more than 14 hours of playback. The player also contains an audio menu navigation function using text-to-speech technology that lets users run through the tracks, artist names and playback modes without the need for a screen, enabling the BOM costs to be reduced further.

The BlueCore Player reference design is available now. A development kit (DEV-MP3-1A) is available for $1,250.

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Product literature:
BlueCore Player description page
BlueCore Player demo
BlueCore5-Multimedia External description page

BlueCore5-Multimedia External data sheet (PDF)

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