Bluetooth wireless chip integrates four radio functions

Wireless chip maker CSR has announced a single-chip solution combining Bluetooth v2.1 + EDR, Bluetooth low energy, eGPS (enhanced Global Positioning System) and FM transmit and receive capabilities. The device – called BlueCore7 – is claimed to significantly reduce the power, size, cost and complexity of adding multiple radios into a mobile phone.

The device's enhanced Bluetooth v2.1 + EDR radio delivers +10 dBm Tx and -91 dBm Rx, extending the overall range and across-body performance to provide better audio quality. A proprietary AuriStream voice codec produces the quality of a fixed-line call when using a Bluetooth connection and is capable of a 30% reduction in power consumption.

Bluetooth low energy (previously known as Ultra Low Power Bluetooth or Wibree) uses fewer frequencies to make connections while retaining the proven robustness of Bluetooth. As a result, BlueCore7 with Bluetooth low energy takes less time to connect than conventional Bluetooth and results in lower power consumption while enabling a new class of connectivity options for Bluetooth across a wide range of product segments.

The on-chip eGPS technology shares resources with the Bluetooth radio and leverages memory and processing already available on the host platform. According to the company, eGPS provides users with faster and more accurate position information, on demand and in all environments – even deep indoors.

The integrated transmit and receive FM radio work without interference, either independently or together to allow users to stream FM radio from a handset to a pair of Bluetooth headphones. FM receiver sensitivity is -110 dBm and maximum transmitter output power is +4.5 dBm.

BlueCore7 is sampling now in QFN and WLCSP (11.7 mm2 footprint) packaging and will be in volume production in Q4 2008.

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Product literature:
BlueCore7 information page

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