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LONDON, January 7, 2013

LONDON , January 7, 2013 /PRNewswire/ —

WAP three times bigger than Smartphone for gambling usage in Asia

To coincide with the FA Cup 3rd round matches, have launched a new smartphone and WAP interface allowing access to all bet types in both formats. Both the WAP and Smartphone products have been developed by ONEworks.

WAP is seen in Europe as Betamax to VHS or a cassette in the face of a CD, but this is very much not the case in Asia where, according to ONEworks, 'bets placed' WAP represents 70% of the market.

Robert Gustafsson , Managing Director of commented: “The strength of WAP in Asia surprises everybody, myself included, but as a result it made sense to wait until we could have both versions up and running before we launched our full mobile service. The growth in mobile is well-documented and showing no signs of slowing but having both the WAP and Smartphone options should give us a competitive advantage as well as, obviously, widen the accessibility of the brand in Asia .

Tom Hall , Head of Business Development for ONEworks added, “We know how vitally important mobile is for our sportsbook clients, and I am certain this will help Bodog gain even greater market share through our enhanced mobile offering, increasingly the 'channel of choice' amongst in-play sports-betting customers.”


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