Book Excerpt: Analysis and Design of Analog Integrated Circuits, Part 1

We are pleased to present, in serial form, Chapter 9 of Analysis and Design of Analog Integrated Circuits, Fifth Edition by Paul R. Gray, Paul J. Hurst, Stephen H. Lewis and Robert G. Meyer

Often referred to as 'the standard text' for Analog Design, this book by two IEEE Fellows and their colleagues, all well-known analog designers, aims to provide a comprehensive treatment of analog integrated circuit analysis and design starting from the basics and through current industrial practices. Although written as an academic text, suitable for students with a grounding in analog design, its comprehensive coverage of bipolar, CMOS, as well as BiCMOS analog integrated-circuit design
would make it a worthwhile addition to most practicing analog engineer's bookshelves too.

Chapter 9 is entitled 'Frequency Response and Stability of Feedback Amplifiers' and covers the relationship between gain and bandwidth in feedback amplifiers, the theory of compensation, including compensation for two-stage MOS amplifiers ad single-stage CMOS op amps, among others. Later on in this chapter, Gray et al. will show how to calculate feedback amplifier stability using the root-locus technique.

There are five parts, which appear as follows:

Part 1, pages 624 to 643, click here

Part 2, pages 643 to 650, will be posted 28th September, 2009

Part 3, pages 650 to 664, will be posted 5th October, 2009

Part 4, pages 664 to 681, will be posted 12th October, 2009

Part 5, pages 681 to 703, will be posted 19th October, 2009

Editor's note: In this recently updated edition (January, 2009), coverage of the bipolar 741 op amp has been replaced with a low-voltage bipolar op amp, the NE5234, and the authors have extended their use of SPICE. They note that this is because SPICE acts as a more accurate check on hand calculations, and also as a tool to examine complex circuit behaviour beyond the scope of hand analysis.

The Table of Contents:

1. Models for Integrated-Circuit Active Devices

2. Bipolar, MOS, and BiCMOS Integrated-Circuit Technology

3. Single-Transistor and Multiple-Transistor Amplifiers

4. Current Mirrors, Active Loads, and References

5. Output Stages

6. Operational Amplifiers with Single-Ended Outputs

7. Frequency Response of Integrated Circuits

8. Feedback

9. Frequency Response and Stability of Feedback Amplifiers

10. Nonlinear Analog Circuits

11. Noise in Integrated Circuits

12. Fully Differential Operational Amplifiers

(More details can be found here)

The book is published by John Wiley & Sons Inc., ISBN: 978-0-470-24599-6, copyright 2009, excerpted with permission, all rights reserved.

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