Boost Controller consumes only 120 micro amps at no load

Chandler, AZ — Microchip Technology Inc., a provider of microcontroller and analog semiconductors, announced a series of 750 kHz gated oscillator DC/DC Boost Controllers. These devices can deliver 5 Watts of power to the load while consuming only 120 microamps of quiescent current at no load. They are used to generate the supply voltage for microcontrollers and other electronic loads from a battery supply or the bus voltages available in the system.

Microchip's MCP1650/51/52/53 series of DC/DC Controllers offers a range of features that include low-battery detect, which can be used to determine when the low-battery input voltage has fallen below a predetermined threshold. In addition, they include a low-power shutdown mode, (typically less than 0.1 microamps). The power-good indicator monitors the output voltage, transitioning the voltage from a high impedance state to a low state capable of sinking to10 milliamps if it drops below the regulated set point. Peak-input current limiting prevents the current from getting too high and damaging the external N-Channel MOSFET. These devices also feature adjustable output voltage capability from 2.5V to over 100V, and a choice between two undervoltage lockout voltages (2.0V or 2.55V) is available.

Ideal for space-limited designs, Microchip's MCP165X can operate over a wide input-voltage range (2.0V-5.5V) to accommodate multiple primary cell combinations or single cell Li-Ion battery-powered applications in addition to 2.8V, 3.0V, 3.3V and 5.0V regulated input voltages.

The internal oscillator operates at two different duty cycles, depending upon the level of the input voltage. The two fixed duty cycles limit peak currents and maximize power from low-voltage sources; meanwhile, the peak current limit reduces the noise and lowers the stress on the power train components. The output voltage is capable of 2.5V to over 100V, which enables the designer to increase battery voltages to the higher voltages required by the system. The output power, greater than 5.0W, is capable of driving large loads. The operating current is less than 120 microamps, which minimizes battery drain due to Boost operation.

These devices are ideal for battery-operated equipment where supply voltages are often variable, due to charging and discharging. Additionally, these devices target networking and computer applications offering simple-voltage step-up solutions that can be used as point-of-load regulators throughout a system.

The MCP165X family is even stable when utilizing small ceramic output capacitors and is available in MSOP 8- and 10- pin packages, depending upon options. These Boost DC/DC controllers are priced in 1,000-unit quantities. The MCP1650 Boost controller is $1.15 each. The MCP1651 with low-battery detect and the MCP1652 with power-good detect are both $1.20 each. The MCP1653 with low-battery detect and power-good output is $1.28 each.

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MCP165x Data Sheet

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