Boost converter with current-limiting switch supports two USB ports

Texas Instruments has introduced two synchronous DC/DC boost converters designed to provide power and protection for USB ports. The TPS2500 and TPS2501 combine a boost switching regulator with an onboard current-limiting switch, to save space and cost for 5V USB power requirements.

The 1.8 to 5.25V input can be supplied by DC/DC regulated supplies or batteries. The output current limit can be programmed via an external resistor from 130mA to 1400mA, allowing these devices to support up to two USB ports from a single device.

TI says the onboard switching regulator is more than 94 percent efficient for 3.3V inputs at typical USB current ranges. The TPS2500 features a pulse-skipping mode for high efficiency at light loads, while the TPS2501 employs fixed-frequency operation across the load range for EMI sensitive designs. Both devices are designed for battery powered portable devices, set top boxes, printers or any USB application without native 5V supply.

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