Boost converters maximize battery run time, minimize external circuitry

Milpitas, Calif. — Linear Technology has introduced the LT3495 and LT3495-1 low-noise boost converters with integrated power switches, Schottky diodes and output disconnect circuitry. The LT3495 uses a 650 mA switch and the LT3495-1 uses a 350 mA switch. Both parts are packaged in a 2 x 3-mm DFN-10 package.

The LT3495/-1 devices provide a 2.3-V to 16-V input voltage range that enables them to operate from single cell Li-Ion batteries up to fixed 12-V input rails, delivering outputs up to 40 V. The LT3495 can deliver over 70 mA of output current at 16 V from a single Li-Ion cell, making it suitable for applications such as OLED displays. Both parts use a unique control technique that delivers both high efficiency and low output ripple over a wide load current range. This technique guarantees that the switching frequency stays above the audio band for the entire load range, making it well-suited for noise-sensitive PMP and audio applications.

The LT3495's NPN switch achieves a VCESAT of only 250 mV at 500 mA and offers efficiencies as high as 85%. The device's low 60 uA of quiescent current (<1 uA in shutdown) maximizes battery run time, while integrated Schottky diodes and output disconnect circuitry minimizes external circuitry. In addition, an integrated dimming/contrast adjustment function is included for display applications.

For applications requiring output voltages below 10 V, there are also “B” versions of this device, the LT3495B and LT3495B-1, which offer slightly higher light load efficiency.

Pricing: Starts at $1.75 each in quantities of 1,000.

Availability: The LT3495EDDB, LT3495EDDB-1, LT3495BEDDB and LT3495BEDDB-1 are all available from stock in a 10-lead, 2 x 3-mm DFN package.
Datasheet: LT3495/-1

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