Bourns’ expanded SMT power resistor line offers smaller footprint

Riverside, Calif.—Bourns Inc. has expanded its line of Surface Mount Technology (SMT) power resistors with parts that it says offer high pulse protection, a smaller footprint and simple series dropping functions, enabling cost-effective automated assembly.

Designated PWR2010, PWR3014, PWR4318 and PWR5322, the SMT power resistors feature high power density, low temperature coefficient with power ratings of ½ to 3 watts.

The SMT resistors feature the characteristics of a wirewound resistor in a surface mount device (SMD) package, providing improved pulse handling for greater stability over a wide temperature range and improved product longevity. The SMT resistors have a temperature coefficient of resistance (TCR) of 20 PPM for resistance values greater than 10 ohms, 50 PPM for resistance values less than 10 ohms and 90 PPM for resistance values less than 0.99 ohms for increased stability and durability over a wide temperature range.

Applications include instrumentation, telecommunications, base stations, automation and control. Bourns' SMT power resistors can also be used for high-volume, automated assembly and as drop-in replacements for higher-priced and larger footprint parts.

Pricing: From $0.48-$0.77 in 5,000 piece quantities.
Availability: Now.
Datasheet: Click here.

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