BridgeCo Upgrades Silicon for Firewire Enabled Audio Devices

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BridgeCo's DM1000E Block Diagram

Zurich, Switzerland — BridgeCo AG announced an enhanced version of its DM1000 FireWire (IEEE 1394) solution. The new DM1000E audio processor increases the number of audio channels available to musicians who use the IEEE 1394 standard, to record, mix and playback music. By implementing an enhanced daisy chain capability, the new DM1000E allows BridgeCo enabled devices to be linked together seamlessly, mixing channels from multiple systems together, utilizing the full bus bandwidth for maximum channel count.

In conjunction with the new DM1000E audio processor, BridgeCo will ship an upgrade to their advanced BeBoB software platform that both expands flexibility and simplifies the learning curve in system configuration. The new BeBoB 2.5 software developers kit (SDK) enables audio product developers to get to market quickly, without the need to write complex drivers and software for their FireWire enabled products.

“This upgrade makes it simple to control your entire product operations, including knobs, LEDs, metering, motor faders, and even DSP, eliminating the need for additional processors in the system design, reducing the overall system cost to our clients and we have already started using this second generation chipset in our new designs,” said Bob Tudor, president of SaneWave Inc. (Snohomish, Wash.), a product engineering company that has designed many BridgeCo enabled audio products for companies worldwide.

Breakout boxes, the most common type of 1394 product, enable musicians to combine signals from multiple instruments, microphones, sample clips and other audio sources, and transfer them to a computer using a single FireWire (IEEE 1394) serial interface. Once audio tracks are recorded and stored on a computer, they can be edited, arranged and played-back to complete a total musical or audio experience. BridgeCo's FireWire solution has enabled the development of products targeted at professional musicians, as well as breakout boxes for the consumer audio market that are priced below $200, according to the company.

“Our OEM customers tell us that musicians are demanding more discrete inputs and daisy-chained multi-box systems,” said BridgeCo CEO Angelo Ugge. “We enhanced the DM1000E so their customers can access the maximum number of inputs available, while allowing them to connect multiple BridgeCo enabled products to work as a system in their studio environment,” he added.

BridgeCo's BeBoB 2.5 platform includes a proprietary ARM-based DSP processor, an RTOS, and a comprehensive application software stack that allows BridgeCo's OEM customers to significantly accelerate their time-to-market. The BridgeCo platform interfaces directly to 1394 PHY chips, and incorporates multiple digital and analog inputs and outputs that connect to microphones, loudspeakers, musical instruments and MIDI devices. BridgeCo provides driver support for Mac OS X and Windows XP computers.

The DM1000E is currently available in sample quantities; production quantities will be available in the first quarter next year. The BeBoB 2.5 software stack and SDK will be available for download by mid-November.

The BridgeCo BeBoB 2.5 software and DM1000E are priced as a comprehensive platform that incorporates both the processor IC and the firmware stack required to build a complete breakout box or other 1394 audio product. The BeBoB 2.5 / DM1000E platform is available for under $25 per unit in 1K quantities, and under $20 per unit in high volumes. Additional software modules are priced according to volume.

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