Bridging the Gap Between the Analog and Digital Worlds


The latest generation of mixed-signal process technologies has moved well into the deep sub-micron world where adding digital circuits and cores to an analog ASIC has become a cost-effective approach.

With the addition of digital process capability and the digital processing horsepower that becomes available, many analog functions are being converted to digital signals earlier in the signal path. The advantage of this approach is that digital filters and digital control elements are not sensitive to drift inaccuracies caused by aging, process changes or temperature changes. The result is a much more robust design than an analog-only approach.

About the Author
Hervé Branquart brings a wealth of industry expertise to AMI Semiconductor as the strategic marketing manager for the automotive market.

Banquart pioneered AMI's cultural move known as “from engineering to marketing.” He holds a reputable record of company design wins and program management. Banquart was responsible for the company's first ARM-based design-win on mixed signal technology for a large U.S. industrial customer.

Banquart's expertise in the automotive industry has been shaped by his professional leadership experience prior to joining AMIS. As product manager for Motorola Semiconductor Product Sector, he managed the development of automotive relay replacements. Additionally, Banquart directed Motorola's test support for USA automotive integrated circuits.

Banquart earned a degree in electronic, microelectronic and software engineering at the Insitut Superieur d'Electronique de Nord. He attended the engineering school BAC for five years focusing on microelectronics, electronics, telecom, robotics, solid-state physics, image processing, microprocessor and software.

Banquart speaks French as his mother language with a basic knowledge in English and an academic mastery of German.

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